Session Two

Heaven, Hell and Purgatory - The Four Last Things

Presenter: Fr. Kurtis Gunwall
Everyone has questions or opinions about heaven, hell, and purgatory. “Purgatory, I don’t believe in that.” “How can God send someone to hell just because (fill in the blank)?” “Don’t you just have to be good to get to heaven?” and so many other mistaken ideas and unfounded opinions. In this series, we will dig into the Scriptures and the teachings of the Church, using the gift of reason to know the truth about “Life After” and the Four Last Things.

Catholic Social Teaching: ‘Am I my Brother’s Keeper?’

Presenters: Mr. Mike Hagstrom/Mr. Chad Prososki
Love of God and love of neighbor are intrinsically bound together as the “Two Great Commandments.” This bond is clearly taught in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition, and it has been well-articulated in our day in what has come to be called “Catholic Social Teaching.” See how “this doctrine has its own profound unity, which flows from Faith in a whole and complete salvation, from Hope in a fullness of justice, and from Love which makes all mankind truly brothers and sisters in Christ” (Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, #3). Learn practical steps for embracing and living these principles in our families and communities.

Navigating Heath Care Issues

Presenters: Fr. James Ermer/Dr. Richard Vetter/Dr. Walter Johnson
Making health care decisions can often be a tumultuous time. To help navigate such decision making, Fr. James Ermer will discuss principles involved, such as patient autonomy, preservation of life, ordinary/extraordinary means, and principle of double effect. Dr. Richard Vetter will cover Beginning-of-Life issues, including fertility treatments and prenatal diagnosis. Dr. Walter Johnson will address End-of-Life issues such as food and hydration, Do Not Resuscitate (DNR), and Advance Care directives.