Session Two

The Prophets: God’s voice across the Ages

Presenter: Fr. James Ermer
The prophets of Israel are our prophets with God speaking to us through them. With the historical setting of the prophets as our background we will read from their writings and hear their words of rebuke, their words of hope and their words of future glory as pivotal words for us in our walk of discipleship.

The Master’s Prayer

Presenter: Fr. Scott Sautner
Christ has taught us to pray and we dare to use his words. Together let us reflect upon these words hoping to see our Father’s holiness, will, and coming kingdom.

What has the Church done in the United States?

Presenters: Bishop John Folda/Fr. Kurtis Gunwall
Join Bishop Folda and Fr. Kurtis Gunwall to look at the history of Catholicism - its presence and its people in North America and the United States - from the early missionaries through the 20th century. We will examine the work of God in the lives of holy men and women, our sins and mistakes, and persecutions we have faced. When you register, inform us of any specific person, era, event or question that interests you since we can only cover a little in three sessions.