Session One

Making sense of the Letter to the Romans

Presenters: Msgr Joseph Goering
St. Paul’s letter to the Romans contains some difficult passages, especially if one does not understand the flow of his argument. These classes will examine the outline, content, and theological/personal implications of Romans.

The Role of Sacred Art in the Catholic Church

Presenter: Mary Hanbury
We will explore the legacy of beauty in sacred art through its rich history and purpose. We will look at hidden symbols and meanings in some famous pieces and then finally explore ways of prayer with sacred art.

Truth, Goodness, and Beauty: Encountering the Saint John’s Bible

Presenters: Rev Mark Strobel, Mike Hagstrom, Anne Kaese
The Saint John’s Bible is the first illuminated and hand-written Bible commissioned by a Benedictine monastery in more than 500 years. We will explore its origins, artistry, and ability to lead to a deeper encounter with God via contemporary illuminations of an ancient text—a visual form of the Benedictine tradition of Lectio Divina.