Session One

Praying with Gregorian Chant

Presenter: Mr. Patrick McGuire
A basic introduction to Gregorian chant and the origins of the Liturgy exploring the texts, manner of singing, and deepening one’s spiritual connection to Jesus through the music of the Sacred Liturgy. This will enrich your participating in the music of the Liturgy. Musical experience not necessary.

Seeing God’s Plan for You

Presenter: Dr. Paul Opperman
Christianity provides profound answers to the questions: “Who am I”? And “What am I here for?” John Paul II gives us deeply nuanced explanations of the Christian answers in his “theology of the body,” a rich blend of scriptural exegesis and philosophical reflection on our common experience of being human persons, male and female. We will explore his thoughts on our original creation, our journey of faith to become pure in heart, and our glorious calling and destiny to see God.

The Mass as Sacrifice

Presenter: Fr. Scott Sautner
From the time of the Old Testament, the faithful have been called to offer sacrifices to our eternal Father. Jesus Christ himself offered the great sacrifice on Calvary. To this day, the Church continues to share in this eternal sacrificial offering of his body and blood when gathering together around the altar. We will examine the Biblical and theological roots of this truth and ponder the significance of it in the life of faith.