Session One

The Spiritual Reading of Scripture: viewing the Old Testament through the lens of Christ

Presenter: Msgr. Robert Laliberte
Modern scripture scholarship is a triumph of the recovery of the literal-historical sense. In its careful distinguishing of the Old from the New Testament, one hardly finds any more in the commentaries the distinctive Christian method of reading the scriptures, which nourished the Fathers and the saints for two thousand years. This course attempts an introduction of that method.

After describing the contemporary problem, the first session will introduce the “spiritual sense” for theological understanding and personal spiritual meditation, illustrating it with various samples. The latter sessions will read “through the lens of Christ” passages from 1) the Law and 2) the Prophets and Psalms.

The ABCs of Prayer

Presenter: Dcn Bruce Dahl
Prayer is our most important task in life as Catholics. This course will cover the What, Why and How of prayer. If you apply the teachings of this course, it will change your life forever. Come prepared to practice what you learn daily.

Evangelization 101

Presenter: Mr. Joe Hendrickx
Week 1: Evangelization in the Early Church
We'll look at our best examples of Evangelization from the Master, Jesus. We'll also look at how the Apostles evangelized, and other examples in the early Church, keeping in mind this question: what did they do differently, to make the Church grow so big, so fast?

Week 2: "The New Evangelization"
We've heard this term so often in a Catholic context over the past few decades even, but what does it really mean? Why is there a need for a "new" evangelization? And what is our part?

Week 3: Evangelization 101
This will be looking at the nuts and bolts, or "how to" of evangelization now. We'll look at best practices for bringing friends and family home to the Catholic Church.